Ámbito de idiomas

Objetivos del ámbito

Los objetivos del ámbito de idiomas son los siguientes:

  • Incluir e integrar adecuadamente la totalidad de las competencias necesarias para un aprendizaje y el uso adecuado de los diferentes idiomas.
  • Integrar los aprendizajes y experiencias que se consiguen o adquieren en la vida del alumno, creando espacios que simulen o representen situaciones de comunicación reales.
  • Desarrollar la competencia comunicativa, tanto en forma hablada como escrita.
  • Desarrollar las competencias y contenidos socioculturales o sociolingüísticos, estratégicos, funcionales, sintácticos y léxicos.
  • Desarrollar la competencia plurilingüe y pluricultural en las diversas lenguas, fomentando respeto hacia la diversidad cultural.
  • Usar el aprendizaje de una lengua y la comunicación en ella como instrumento de enriquecimiento personal, social, cultural y educativo fomentando los valores interculturales y la diversidad lingüística. 

Actividades específicas del ámbito: Proyecto SpeakApp!

Working as a speaking assistant at El Carmelo within the “SpeakApp! Project” is a wonderful experience. I really enjoy working with the kids.
I strongly believe in the importance of them trying to communicate with me in a foreign language because when doing so they also overcome their lack of confidence when speaking in English in front of their colleagues.
I also like encouraging the students to broaden their minds through English as I think it provides a great opportunity to be able to study abroad and get to know different people from different cultures.
Learning English opens doors of opportunities and this project is the beginning of your journey!


I have had the pleasure of working at the Carmelo school for two years now. The teachers and other staff members are very welcoming and it is wonderful to work with them. I participate in creating a dynamic learning environment for our students to learn English as a second language by giving classes taught entirely in English. Whether it is science, maths, or P.E. our kids are learning how to express themselves using the vocabulary and grammar English speakers use every day. By having bilingual classes, in addition to normal English classes, our students become more well rounded English speakers, and can use their English skills in a variety of subjects. This strategy is something that most schools lack.Learning a second, third, or even a fourth language is always a great idea, especially in the interconnected world we live in today. The Carmelo understands this, and we work to help our students to not only be able to be a part of this new world, but to flourish in it. 


My name is Eva. I’ve been working at El Carmelo as a Speaking Assistant within the “SpeakApp” Project since last year. It’s been a real pleasure being part of this wonderful project that plays a vital role in helping children to develop and to improve their English language skills.
Personally, I understand very well how difficult it is to learn a new language. I‘ve been in this position three times in my life. I believe, providing children with the opportunity to practice English on a daily basis makes this process much easier.
In our days, knowing English opens up many doors as it is the language of international communication. It is important for socializing and entertainment, but it also increases the chances of finding a good job.
The Speak App Project may be the first step on the journey to learn English as a second language but let’s not forget what the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “A Journey of thousand miles begins with one step.



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