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Nick's culture class

Lucía Tarifa Lara, 2ºBach B | Miércoles, 05 Marzo 2014 00:00

On the 4th of February, Nick, a Welshman, came to our school to give us a culture class about his country, Wales and about Great Britain. And to be honest, I didn’t expect to see what I finally found there. I got impressed and I was very interested in Nick’s speech: we all thought that Nick would stand up in front of us to talk about things of the British culture that most of us already knew, such as the typical English breakfast or the huge dinner at seven o’clock in the evening, tea time, the most famous landmarks of London... We all thought we knew everything about this country. We are used to seeing the Union Jack, painted and printed on lots of T-shirts, watches, pictures... We use it more than the Spanish flag but we didn’t notice, until Nick showed us, that it changes when it is upside down. We knew that there were many different dialects in Great Britain, but Nick went further and taught us a bit of Scottish and Welsh. It was funny to try to pronounce that long name of the well-known Welsh city, and finding out that those dialects spoken in the same country had nothing in common.

Nick was a professional and we noticed it. He only had an hour and he spoke slowly so we didn’t find lots of difficulties to understand him. But the thing is that the speech wasn't annoying, condensed or boring. I would have liked to have the chance to ask him some questions and talk to him directly, but it was almost impossible because of the time limit. Apart from that, the culture class was a great opportunity to hear another accent, different from what we are used to, to learn more about a country that we all like and admire.

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